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It's a FACT - people LOVE watching stuff on video.

Are you wanting to add this medium to your Social Media (or web) presence ? Well, we have the answer for you.

Check out our range of fabulous Video options:

  1. Transparent Web Presenter
    A great way to engage, inform and guide visitors around your site or page, and importantly, make a Call to Action. They generally only run between 15 - 45 seconds and are located on your landing page. They result in a higher conversion of visitors to customers.

    CALL US NOW on 0417 223 286 to discuss.
  2. Video Business Card
    A fantastic way to introduce yourself. Video is emotive and enables you to gain rapport before you have even had a chance to meet. They are general only 15-20 seconds long and are placed on your Contacts / About Us / The Team page, linked to your email signature or sent via mobile device. A great first contact.

    CALL US NOW on 0417 223 286 to discuss.

  3. Corporate Video
    A corporate style video is an amazing way to get information across, in a passive and familiar format. Video is engaging and enables you to include various forms of media - images, video, text and graphics. They can take various styles, such as a straight presentation, tutorial, interview or maybe something a little bit out there. They will normally run between 1-5 minutes. The one video can be delivered on-line, on DVD, via a mobile device or at trade fairs and conferences.

    CALL US NOW on 0417 223 286 to discuss.
  4. FAQ style video
    Primarily these videos are used to answer questions that your clients, staff or stakeholders may ask on a frequent basis. Having them in video form allows you to provide a direct and engaging response. It also means that visitors to your site don't have to read through mountains of literature to find the answers they seek. These can be placed within the FAQ page of your site or throughout different pages.

    CALL US NOW on 0417 223 286 to discuss.
  5. Testimonials
    A testimonial is a great way to tell a success story - with maximum impact. Imagine, having a very satisfied customer talk to a potential customer. It really creates that sense of safety and quality reassurance that text cannot replicate. For service-based businesses, a professional and engaging testimonial can be your most important sales asset. If you are looking for a way to communicate your great service or product to potentials customers - this style of video has enormous impact.

    CALL US NOW on 0417 223 286 to discuss.


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