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If you REALLY want to LEAD the way, then your business SHOULD be looking at offering free APPS to your customers to HELP them buy from you. The more you HELP your customers, the more that they want to help you - hey, it's human nature.

At SMN Apps, we specialize in 'FLIPAPPS' which are an inexpensive way for your business to provide an APP to your customers. For UNDER $1,800, YOU can offer an APP to all your customers on iPhones or iPads OR, you can use the APP for internal promotions within your business.

A FLIPAPP is like a little book with priceless information within. Here is a sample of our latest APP. It has 35 pages. 30 pages of short, fun ways to reward and motivate your team and 5 pages of succinct branding for the business.

Below is a video sample of an iPad version of a FLIPAPP in action.

Here are some GREAT ideas that YOU can think about for YOUR business that can be on a FLIPAPP;

  • Motivational quotes
  • Tips on how to play bowls
  • Things to look for when searching for a home loan
  • Affirmations
  • Who's who in the company
  • Things to do around your city
  • And countless more uses

Hey, if YOU can't think of a great app for your business, I bet we can. Just call and we can come up with the ideas for you at NO COST. Then it's up to you if you want to go ahead and get the FLIPAPP developed ! Call us NOW on 0417 223 286 to discuss.



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