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About OM Campaign Management

OM is fully integrated multi-channel, multi-user social media marketing platform and solution. It is simply 'the best in its class !'

OM provides all the rich functionality marketers need to create, automate, and measure Social Media Campaigns.

OM helps you easily extend traditional marketing to a strategy driven marketing process on Social Media channels with definite ROI drivers embedded in the framework. The sophisticated, yet easy to use Campaign Management tools from OM, help you quickly and cost-effectively design, execute, and measure customer-centric communication strategies across all of your channels.

We all know that the winning marketing strategy is one that involves combination of business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: acquiring and retaining satisfied customers.

The OM product is both scalable to support growing team and increasing data volume; and flexible to support the dynamic use cases that the yet evolving social media channels present.

OM is a Multi Channel Platform as well ! OM makes it easy for you to simultaneously publish to multiple channels,. The channels that are supported out-of-the-box include Twitter, Facebook, Fan Pages, LinkedIn and YouTube. The platform is designed to add more channels as needed.


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ABN: 25 857 185 618

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